Story after the event!

I am sharing my amazing little story of a crazy Indian girl, that’s me :). This is how my friend calls me. When I was back from the trip to Europe after attending a big community event of “WordCamp Europe June 2018 Belgrade” I was utterly amazed meeting with people and learning new things. It was like a dream come true to attend and be a part of the international WordPress community.

I was daydreaming, a few months before when I was applying for a volunteer, and it was like, dude… you are selected as a volunteer. Omg!!! and I was Super duper excited.”

When I was back in my hometown, I have an excellent memory of my trip. I met my friends, colleagues in India, they ask me about the journey… And floating of  WHD” questions. You know what I mean… 🙂

  • How was a trip to WordCamp Europe?
  • How’s the Contributors Day?
  • How the people were contributing
  • Who joins the Pre-Party?
  • How was the talk?
  • How were the workshops?
  • Where was the Pre-Party location?
  • How was the After-Party theme?
  • Who wore the costumes?
  • How was I dressed up?
  • How’re the arrangements
  • How were the people in Belgrade
  • What language they speak the most
  • How you like the different food(specially non-veg)
  • How was the Accommodation
  • How was the volunteer and organizing team
  • How they were communicating
  • Hows the Volunteers Shift and work allotments
  • Hows the Swags and happiness Bar
  • Did you make it possible meeting with Matt Mullenweg?
  • Did you try Drink? Oh yes of course directly from the Tap, “can you imagine?” but it doesn’t taste like Wine or Whisky, how poor 😉 😀 

Having before-mentioned questions was fascinating… and I was so glad to share my experience with everyone…

I say: Hey man, it was amazing!!!! You know, it was really amazing. Like Alex says, this is amazing!

It was beautiful positive vibes all over the floor, and it helps me to perform well to set my goal towards WordPress.

At the moment of sharing the pictures, I was so happy observing some of the exciting images that we had during those days.

It makes me mesmerizing the events happened. It was two days of the event including Contributors Day. The main Conference was held at Sava Center. And the contributors and After Party was at Belexpo Center.

It was based on WordPress and Gutenberg and WordPress of course. And, yes it was great, but for me, it was not only the WordPress and Gutenberg. It was like moving further, exploring different places, networking and learning from the work experiences of lovely people, teamwork as a volunteer, helping the most beautiful way and providing support to the community.

Let us see some of the exciting Numbers –

“WordCamp Europe was a great success with 2000+ attendees from almost 76 different countries, it’s incredible!!

The vast community with tremendous success, and after Party was one of the attractions with Retro and futuristic theme idea. I especially amazed with the concept of theme names and arranging the Workshops (Rosetta, Hayabusa, Cassini) and flow with new Track (Milky Way Track, Andromeda Track) according to the theme. I really appreciate the Design/Creative team who come up with this exciting Idea.

Well Done Lovely Creative Soul, I really hope to meet you guys personally someday, it would be Awesome, learning with fun! 🙂

Come back to the After Party!

After Party was held at Belexpo Center. It was fun being there, and for me, it was the first international theme party. Also, was so excited, but, unfortunately, I didn’t get the best costumes on time. Nevermind, I was happy seeing the Organisers, who were all set with their theme costumes in the Party. It was a great initiative with some more curious people, who tried themselves with a different look.

Let’s see, some of my favorite pictures to relive the days of WordCamp Europe 2018 Belgrade……..

To view pictures –  Please Click here 🙂

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