Happy birthday to wordpress

Since I have joined this beautiful WordPress community, in 2017 attending my first WordCamp Ahmedabad, I came to know, WordPress is not just a technology, its an ecosystem and the new era of working together πŸ™‚

Origin of WordPress

WordPress is now 16, and the platform was created on 23 May 2003 with  b2/cafelog by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

#latepost #WP16 πŸ˜€

I am writing this blog on the occasion of Big Celebration on Sweet 16th Birthday of WordPress. It has come up with many new features and an easy way of contributing.

Last weekend, where everyone celebrating WordPress, it feels, we are not only celebrating WordPress; instead, we are celebrating our true love, happiness, and dedication towards WordPress. It’s like, not just a technology but more of person, celebrating the joy which allows earning πŸ™‚

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little are not only the founder of WordPress but also an idol and the motivator for millions of users include Blogger, Freelancer, Developer, Techie, Non-techie, Businessman, Enterprises and more. They inspire us to work harder, support people, and grow together.

For me, It’s a life changer Career Path, being a non-tech person, I can still work freely with different people in the world, which has no limits πŸ™‚ Let’s talk about, how WPAhmedabad community celebrates the Birthday.

How Ahmedabad Community Celebrates the WPBirthday:-

WordPress Ahmedabad Community gathered to celebrate an event with Dinner, Wapuu Cake, and Game. Chetan Prajapati and I were the Hosts for the day. It was an honor to be a Host to celebrate, with the help of other folks, who always been there to support.

The main reason for organizing this event was not only celebrating WordPress but also to meet new faces, encourage them to be in the Community. And we are glad to have new folks who join us for the first time, and they too enjoy the event.

First, we get to know each other with dinner and a lovely discussion where we found some interesting stories of the people, about how they get started with WordPress.

Let me share with you a funny answer; how do you see yourself working with WordPress in the future?

And the answer makes us smile:- She says, “I will work with WordPress till WordPress comes to an end. OMG πŸ™‚ So that means, if there are people like such, I am sure WordPress is not going to end, and it has a long life” We enjoyed a lot, learn and share the knowledge, laugh together, ate together and it was fun meeting with all fantastic people.

We talk about Meetups, WordCamps, and conferences held in a different city. Channels that are used to get connected, support. The importance and benefits of attending such events.

In Ahmedabad, we organize WPMeetup ones in every month, and share the details on Meetup.com, get yourself subscribe here to get the future updates. Our main motto is to connect with more people, network, and share knowledge. We find New Speaker every month to talk and share their knowledge. That way, we can practice and grow ourselves to be a WordCamp Speaker one day πŸ™‚ wow!!!!. Also, it helps us to reduce the stage fear and an opportunity of learning with fun πŸ™‚

Time to cut the CAKE πŸ™‚

Like others, there’s a cake of course πŸ™‚ How we suppose to celebrate Birthday without Cake? πŸ˜›

We found Cake designed as our Favourite WordPress Mascot “Wapuu,” he is like a Hero of WordPress πŸ™‚ so adorable. let me thank the creator of Mascot “Kazuko Kaneuchi.”

Do you know, the origin of Wapuu?

Wapuu came from which place? 
— Wapuu is from Japan

When was it Disclosed?
— on  February 19, 2011

From where the idea came from?
— The idea came for the first time, at a WordCamp Tokyo 2009

When was the Name given to the WordPress Mascot?
— The name was granted on August 2, 2011

Cake cutting by Women’s πŸ˜› “Women’s First” πŸ˜€ Thank you guys for giving this opportunity. You all are amazing.

Time for Quizzizz

To make this event live, we planned to have a small Quiz for the attendees, and we found three Winners for the game. I wanted to make it fun by sharing some basics about WordPress.

The winner also has received the Gifts πŸ™‚ It always motivates us to learn more. And WordPress gives us Badges for every achievement. Winner Gifts is Chocolates Janam din pe “Kuch Mitha ho Jaye”.

1st winner

Our 1st Winner who bet with more answers and time is Praveen Parmar.

2nd Winner

Our Second Winer for the evening is Ravi Shah.

3rd Winner

And the last but not the least, the third winner who bet fourth and fifth with Time πŸ™‚ is Rahul Gandhi

Being a host, I am so glad people enjoy the online game, and also found the questions was helpful πŸ™‚

I am sharing questions for you, No Cheating πŸ™‚

Write your Answers in Comment below:-

  1. When was WordPress founded?
  2. Who is the founder of WordPress?
  3. Which is not a page builder?
  4. What is the main functionality of WooCommerce?
  5. Which is not a Mandatory WordPress Theme File?
  6. Which version is currently Translating in WordPress Gujarati?
  7. Which Name is correct for WP? or How we correctly write WP?
  8. Which is the Latest version of Gutenberg Plugin?
  9. Which is not a default Post Type?
  10. Which is the official WordPress website?
  11. Which team is not listed at make.wordpress.org?
  12. How many pages can add to WordPress?
  13. Which is not a Hook in WordPress?
  14. What is the latest version of WordPress?
  15. How many default Tables are in the WordPress Database?

Do you also like to play this Game with your Friends?

Visit this link> Click to the WordPress 16th Birthday celebration and start playing. Share your results πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ If you enjoy reading the post, you can Share or Like πŸ™‚

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