Coming to third WordCamp, lill more forward to WP, I attend as a Volunteer this time. Do not want to miss any opportunity to work with my Local WordPress Community.

It was my turning point, everyone get a kick at some point of their life. And on this day, that Kick I found. I met with Automattician, Happiness Engineer name: Omkar Bhagat and Nagesh Pai. They work with Automattic. And they explained me about the work they do and what is mean by Nomad. Seriously, I never heard such word “Nomad” before. 😀 = it says in Hindi, “iske liye hi to me paida hui hu yaar” means “Damn I born for this job” 🙂

And I actively started participating in WordPress with more energy and more focus. And started login to all medium, from where I can learn more. I do not want to miss any opportunity to work with WordPress. However, I jump to the master link, and I learn, how to get involved and support.

And the journey begins as Customer Support with the help of my “Shubh chintak” it means “well wisher” Aslam Multani. He guided me and support me in each & every moment whenever required.

Thank you to the Wonderful person in my life 🙂 and the lovely community, who inspire me and helped me to work for my Dream job. 🙂

Let me share with some interesting glimpse and memories from my First Volunteer WordCamp as well as our First WordCamp in Ahmedabad. 🙂 Picture includes – Speakers, Audience, Volunteers, Organisers, Networking Area, Selfie Booth, Lunch, Contributors Day and more.

Thanks to our WordCamp venue Sponsors LJ college, Ahmedabad. Thanks to our Contributor’s Day Venue Sponsors Ganpat University. Any many thanks to all WordPress Community for join us and making this WordCamp successful.

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