Wish me Happy Birthday! 😀

It’s a fantastic feeling when you see people are happy because of you. The post is all about my Birthday, it was on 6th September :). I want to write this post because, the day I spent was marvelous, memorable, lots of Love, Joy, Surprises, Gifts, Cakes, and friendships.

I feel so proud and lucky to be with lovely people around me! I am sure everyone has their Birthdays so special every year. But this year on my Birthday, I have two cakes and lots of Love and surprises.

How my Birthday Starts?

Beautiful night, food and music. Lots of talks, life always gives us a happy moment when we didn’t expect to happen. For this, we have to be patient. Your Work, Dedication, and Smile are the weapons that make your life comfortable and full of surprises.


How it is with my second family – MULTIDOTS

Multidots has always been special to me, I am with Multidots since its given a name. And when it starts walking its first step. I am so glad to be a Part of MULTIDOTS.

Thank you Dots for all your warm wishes, and special thanks to the HR Team, for decorating my desk so beautifully and for my excellent Gift (Diary). The day with Dots was terrific.


How it is with my Product Team

My team consists of a small intelligent people, where we develop new ideas and creates a new plugin and themes that are based on WordPress and WooCommerce, providing support on DotStore, and learning new things.

They have organized surprise Birthday Cake and Party on my special Day, which was so memorable for me.

Best Birthday of my Life!!!!


Hold Hold!!

Party is still pending!!!

This is the Amazing Dinner with my man Today. I usually do not prefer to share my personal happy moments, but the day forces me to share my happy moment with all of you lovely people. I gained so much Love, from all my loved ones.

I am sharing my feelings is because I am so lucky to be with the person who takes care of me all the time, who always be there for me, and because of his Love and Affection, I always come back to my correct path.

The Dinner was like Never Before!!! Thank you so much for everything, my Love!


Everything is Well when End is well!!!

And do you know, how my Day End, is with Beautifull Surprise Gift received by my Lill Studen Arin! She loves me a lot. And she prepared Birthday card for me, that is so amazing. I am pleased to be her Drawing Teacher and will always be :). She is so cute, thank you, lill girl, for making my day so special and memorable. :*


Do you know why this all happen?

I feel it because, when you start giving something, it always be back to you with a double that you provide.

It is like, What you give, you get in return. If you plant now, it will surely give you the fruit later. Just wait and start doing your right things. Everything will be amazing, it takes time to come back, but when it happens, you will be the luckiest person in the world. Start working on your Dream and do not change your Goal, change your path.

I am glad that I am not the same person then I was before. I am gradually improving myself with the blessings of Allah, and all my friends, family, loved ones and Dots (Multidots).

Be Happy always! And Smile whenever you found YourSelf and your Loved Ones Alive. Life never gonna give you other chance to LIVE.


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