This time, I was on track, attend maximum talks, connect with people. Already attended three WordCamps, started knowing the community. One talk that I remember was by RJ Taleha Khan, she spoken about the Blogging and content management. That was inspiring for me as a girl being a speaker, she was great in her talk, bindass, jolly and informative.

That was the moment, when I ones thought to be a Speaker some day. 🙂 Dream was quite a far, and at that time I was standing on my first step. 🙂

Because writing a simple blog and communicating was not a easy task. I was afraid of getting connect with people and networking. But by attending the WordCamp and being a part of Community, first time I spoke to Taleha, and with other Women’s from Pune and Mumbai Community.

And I realise, WordPress, not only gives the opportunity to work from anywhere, but also it’s a chance for Women to grow and stand with the community.

My Learning from this WordCamp:- 

Till now, I had a dream to be a Speaker 🙂 that is what my take away for the day.

As always, here are some interesting pictures. Why I share these pictures? because it is a memory of beautiful days, that may not be come again. Picture includes, attendees, speakers, venue, #JetPack and more.

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