Recently I won a Face Painting Competition

Apart from my Customer Support job, I live in Painting that helps me to feel colors to my Dream 🙂

Winning and Loosing is a part of life. I never achieve something to win or to compete with others. Rather I try to explore and grow more today, than I was yesterday.

I do not want to be at the same place, where I was yesterday. I take challenge to challenge myself, that make me more confident and feel different.

The Most Important is:-

Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you Do.

– you must have read this sentence quite a lot, but I believe in this. I do what I love and that makes me grow and feel proud of.

Believe in yourself:-

Success and achievements always come with HardWork and Dedication. If you achieve this two, success be just behind you.

Keeping my Hobby with me always, I won this small achievement. That I wanted to share with you here:- Sharing is caring…

Let me share some of my pictures from this Winning Day – that makes me feel so good, and I like to thank my beloved Champ, friends and family, who always guided me, and support to grow.

Look at that Winning Smile, I never forget the day! 😀

Special thanks to my Friend – Naitika, who voluntarily participated in this competition and allow me to show my creativity 😛 Without her it would not be possible to achieve this winning medal.

Last but not the least:-


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