I am here to share my views and observation on how to give the best presentation.

I’ve attended many WordPress meetup, WordCamp, and met with many people in the Community.

So far I understood and observed the two most important things. Before moving towards the point, let’s see a few simple practices;

First, forget about this – “The first impression is the last impression.

There is nothing like the first impression, it is always about hard work, dedication and practice. The more you work, the more you achieve your target.

“Give your ten times (10X) efforts to achieve your goal.”

Remember “Practice makes man perfect, and woman too” 😉

Knowledge is a must. But also important is how to deliver that knowledge, in a proper manner and time!

Remember Time! Time is important. So value your time and give your best.

Are you ready to give it a try?

1. Make sure, how much time do you have to deliver your presentation. “Time”

If you are unaware of time limitations, then keep in mind, the average person capacity to concentrate is around 20 to 30 minutes. So you need to adjust your session based on this generalized timeline or if you want to take more extended session then, make sure to hold the session in between.

If you don’t keep a track on time, it might possible to lose your audience attention. And we didn’t want that, right?

Don’t forget to prepare your script and presentation slides, according to the time.

It will help you to remember the points and easy to deliver your speech.

2. You have to manage and control the number of slides. Keep it limited.

Save your file using bullet points, apply large fonts that give better readability, use pictures related to your topic. It helps to keep audience attention.

The critical question is language, now you will say, what if I prepared everything, but still I am confused by the language. I am not very good at English, because of this I feel shy or fear and what people will think of me?

So the answer is, start giving presentations in your language; we call it “mother tongue.”

First, propose your audience, did they comfortable with your language? And if yes, so it’s great! If there are some who don’t understand your way, then try to translate in between whenever it’s needed.

Then gradually work on your English language and try it in your next session.

At last but not the list, I’ll just say, take a deep breath and start speaking as you speak with your friends. Simply remember one thing, no one is going to sue you 😀

Enjoy and have fun!

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